Our products MobiTaxis and MobiAds are unique solutions to the market from Business to End User.



MobiTaxis App is available on all Operating Systems for free and provides the following:

• Driver application on an Android tablet
• Better availability & visibility for potential clients
• A credit card payment solution
• Client feedback
• Clients, Taxi drivers, and Taxi Companies can benefit from our 24/7 Contact Centre


The MobiAds Display is equipped on every taxi with led screens on the rooftop and able to play advertisements while the taxi is moving on a dual side display. The ads are controlled and updated over 3G Connections!
MobiAd GEO advertising capability will give the advertisers the leverage to play ads based on a specific location and time
Media Booking

Media Booking

Worldwide brands can cow plan their Ad Campaigns with Mobigates and book their promotions in a desired time and/or place. Mobigates negotiates competitive prices along with exposed placements to ensure the best possible value secured for an advertisement.